Alton Day Of Renewal

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Theme: YOUR KINGDOM COME, YOUR WILL BE DONE……in us, as it is in Heaven

2022 Recordings


The Lord’s Prayer is so familiar that we can easily overlook the power that it contains.

This year we will be unpacking the prayer and discovering how it guides and empowers us to fulfil God’s will: that we should play our part in bringing His heavenly Kingdom into being here on earth, through the power of the Holy Spirit.

This page outlines our plans - please make a note of the dates and return for more details to be added in due course.


22 January        Our Father in heaven - We are children of our loving Abba

26 February       Holy is your name - We are called to be holy as God is holy

26 March           Your Kingdom come - We are called to be Kingdom Ambassadors

23 April             Your will be done on earth as in heaven - We choose to surrender to God’s will

28 May              ADoRE Live! - We are called to be a people of praise (Live meeting at St Bede's Basingstoke)

25 June            Give us this day our daily bread - We trust God for our needs

23 July              Forgive us as we forgive - We are called to love as we are loved

20 August         Lead us not into temptation - We pray to be helped through times of testing

17 September   Deliver us from evil - We overcome evil through the victory of Christ

22 October        Do whatever he tells you - We pray and act as Jesus did

26 November    Love one another as I have loved you - We receive and give God’s love


Over the last year, the Lord has opened up an amazing opportunity for ADoRE to develop our ministry online  We now reach 150+ people from all over the UK and beyond.

Feedback shows that our format is meeting a need for refreshing the spiritual lives of those already involved in renewal, as well as giving them an opportunity to introduce newcomers to living in the power of the Holy Spirit.

We believe He wants us to step out in faith and do even more, in order to help bring the Good News of His Kingdom to those who need to hear about it.

We believe the Lord is guiding us to extend our ministry in 2022 by continuing on Zoom and working with other Charismatic communities around the UK. The basic meeting format will remain, but each month a different guest community will contribute the elements of the meeting on Zoom. This will also give guest communities an opportunity to extend their ministry more widely.

Click the button to find out more about how this will work and how your charismatic group can be involved.