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2023 Recordings


In 2023 we are continuing online through zoom meetings, which will permit you to join in wherever you are in the UK or abroad. There will also be two live meetings, which will be partly livestreamed. Details to follow.

Scroll down to see the monthly programme, and scroll down to the bottom of the page for video recordings of the talks.

You can also view videos of Masses and Praise & Worship.


Over the last two years, the Lord has opened up an amazing opportunity for ADoRE to develop our ministry online  We now reach 150+ people from all over the UK and beyond. Feedback shows that our format is meeting a need for refreshing the spiritual lives of those already involved in renewal, as well as giving them an opportunity to introduce newcomers to living in the power of the Holy Spirit.

We believe the Lord wants us to step out in faith and do even more, in order to help bring the Good News of His Kingdom to those who need to hear about it.

Our ongoing vision is to extend our ministry in 2023 by encouraging local parishes and communities to participate in our sessions, so that the FIRE of the Holy Spirit can spread far and wide.

Our Talks

Each month we will develop our understanding and appreciation of how each of us is to respond to Jesus' call to share in His mission. Discovering how we are all anointed, inspired and empowered by the Holy Spirit to do as Jesus did, bringing people into His Kingdom.

Our Speakers

We have an outstanding selection of guest speakers: leaders in Catholic Charismatic Renewal with extensive experience in both practising and teaching on evangelisation. Guided by the Holy Spirit, they will give inspiring and practical encouragement and advice on sharing the Good News in your community.

"Your beautiful prayer group and retreat is mind blowing. Commencing with Holy Mass and Adoration radiates the light and the love of God. Prophetic sharing, praise and worship, testimony and talk and prayer were all wonderful. You enhance our ability to receive God’s love."

Our Vision

We seek to put Jesus at the centre of all we do: He is the source of new life and we are channels of His renewing, refreshing, healing water in a world thirsty for God’s presence.

We invite everyone to meet Jesus and enter into deeper communion with Him, to experience the love and joy of our heavenly Father. We encourage everyone to receive a new infilling of the Holy Spirit, to ignite their faith, to inspire and empower them to be Missionary Disciples and share the Good News of God’s love with those around them. Together we will spread the fire of the Holy Spirit far and wide!

Our Meetings

We provide spiritual refreshment through a programme of Mass, Adoration, Praise & Worship, Prayer, Prophetic sharing,  Inspired Teaching and Healing ministry.

Please help us publicise

We have produced an A4 colour poster which can be displayed on noticeboards, and a 2-sided 4-page A5 handout which can be copied and left at the back of church. (Please ask permission from your priest or parish secretary).