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Although the rest of the year's meetings were on Zoom, 20th May and 23rd September were days when many of us could gather to worship, pray and be a face-to-face community again.The main elements of the day were also live-streamed for those who wanted to watch online.

The day's programme included Mass, Adoration, inspiring talk, Praise and worship. Full details below.

20th MAY 2023


Practical ways of Proclaiming the Good News

Guest speakers: Fr Jon Bielawski and Michele Thompson of "Genesis Mission," Through examples and testimonies, they showed practical ways we can share the good news.

Fr Jon is Episcopal Vicar for Evangelisation and Catechesis in Plymouth Diocese. Michele has a background as a Parish Youth Leader and Catholic University Chaplain. They both have a passion for empowering people to share the Good News of the Gospel.

Videos of Talk and Mass below. Praise & Worship did not record.


Our live and live-streamed session took place at the Church of St Joan of Arc, Farnham, Surrey.

"THE YEAR OF THE LORD'S FAVOUR" - God is on our side.
Jesus announced a time of ‘Jubilee’ - God’s favour. He showed that God is on our side: He loves us unconditionally and is willing to forgive us. 

Guest speaker Geoff Poulter explained what our response should be, and how we can fulfil our mission to pass on His love, forgiveness and joy by sharing the good news of God’s Kingdom with all we meet.

Videos of Talk and Praise & Worship are below. Mass was not recorded.


Live sessions will be on 27 April at St Bede's Basingstoke and 21 September at St Dunstan's Woking. Format will be similar to 2023.

Make a date in your diary now so you don't miss them!