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Most newcomers to our ADoRE Online meetings contact us because of personal recommendation. We give thanks to God that we are reaching so many people with His message of renewal in the Holy Spirit through our Zoom broadcasts, through this website, FaceBook and YouTube. Please spread the word about our online mini-retreats for spiritual renewal,  and encourage people to join in. And tell them about the wealth of resources available here on the website. God bless you.



Geoff and Gina Poulter gave an inspiring talk "Your will be done on earth as in heaven" on how we need to choose - with the help of the Holy Spirit - to surrender to God's perfect will, especially in difficult circumstances. "Excellent talk!" "Talk by Geoff and Gina so touching and spiritual."

"Good witness of healing from Margaret."

(Click on image to view video of talk and testimony)

You can also watch the Mass celebrated by Fr Paul Leonard HERE, and the praise and worship and testimony from the day HERE

Testimonies of thanks from the day HERE 


After listening to the Lord during Adoration, we had a time of sharing some  words and pictures we believe He was giving us.

The Lord is telling us once again that He wants to fill us with His love, so that we can radiate His presence and touch others' lives: “Without Me, you are nothing but without you, I cannot live in the world. Be the light shining in the darkness, helping others hear My word. ”

Full text of April prophetic sharing HERE

Earlier prophecies, and an explanation of the gift of prophecy, can be found HERE


People often ask what Charismatic Prayer is all about. In this video, given as part of a Lent series on prayer, ADoRE Leader Alastair Emblem explains how the Holy Spirit encourages us to surrender to God so that we can be filled with His powerful gifts or charisms. Also covered are:

  • Why the Church needs charismatic gifts.
  • How charismatic prayer helps us find a new presence of God.
  • Simple explanation of Baptism in the Spirit, tongues, prophecy, words of knowledge, healing prayer, praise.
  • Prayer for a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit.
  • The effects of charismatic prayer.

We have a growing community of ADoRErs who enthusiastically tell us what they feel about the meetings. For example:"I find it all helpful and inspiring. It’s wonderful to be immersed in God; praising and adoring Him with holy Mass, encouragements from the prophecies, talk and testimony." LATEST COMMENTS HERE

Don't forget to tell your fellow parishioners and friends too, and please also go to our Guestbook to let us know your thoughts.


ADoRE Leader Alastair Emblem takes us on his own life-long journey of discovering different ways of developing his prayer life. He explains how the well-known advice to “Pray as you can” is generally misunderstood and he encourages us to move, step by step, outside our comfort zone, trying different prayer styles.

Underpinning all of this is the assurance that prayer is not so much about what we can do, but about what God can do in us and through us – if we let Him.

Available through Amazon in paperback or Kindle formats. DETAILS HERE

10% of royalties will be donated to ADoRE.


MAY 28. 9.30-3.30

(Livestreamed 9.30-12.30)

For full details see HERE