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Most newcomers to our ADoRE Online meetings contact us because of personal recommendation. We give thanks to God that we are reaching so many people with His message of renewal in the Holy Spirit through our Zoom broadcasts, through this website, FaceBook and YouTube. Please spread the word about our online mini-retreats for spiritual renewal,  and encourage people to join in. And tell them about the wealth of resources available here on the website. God bless you.



- The Charism of deliverance.

Dynamic Catholic evangelist Ros Powell explained the chatism of Deliverance - what it is and why it's needed.She then led us in an extended time of prayer, when participants could pray for themselves to be set free of different burdens.

Ros's talk and prayer, plus testimony by Julie HEREMass and Adoration HERE Praise & Worship HERE

Testimonies of thanks for the meeting HERE

Ros's website HERE  More on Deliverance HERE


After Adoration of the Lord in the Holy Eucharist we had a time of sharing some words and pictures we believe the Lord was giving us.

Once again, the Lord reminded us of His love and His closeness to us; calling us to an ever-deeper faith, trust, commitment, and communion with Him; reminding us that by His Cross and Resurrection we are set free from the chains of slavery to sin.

Full text of August prophetic sharing HERE

Earlier prophecies, and an explanation of the gift of prophecy, can be found HERE

We have a growing community of ADoRErs who enthusiastically tell us what they feel about the meetings. For example:"I find it all helpful and inspiring. It’s wonderful to be immersed in God; praising and adoring Him with holy Mass, encouragements from the prophecies, talk and testimony." LATEST COMMENTS HERE

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NEXT ADoRE MEETING: September 23rd Live and on Zoom.

Guest speaker is Geoff Poulter, former Director of the Catholic Bible School with over 40 years in active Catholic ministry. An inspiring speaker and experienced trainer in Spiritual Renewal.

If you live in the South East, do please come and join us in Farnham.

  Full information and registration details HERE


OVERFLOW was the first national gathering organised by CHARIS England and Wales (CNSC). Those of us who were there found it it a wonderfully inspiring and powerful day.

Videos are available on the CCR YouTube channel@

Picture shows Priests, Deacons and Bishop David Oakley (2nd from right)



If you're coming to ADoRE live in Farnham next Saturday, you can pick up "Pray as you can't" fpr £!0 (usually £10.49 plus postage).

Also the newly reprinted autobiography of Fr Brian Coogan (co-founder of ADoRE) for £5.00. PLEASE BRING CASH.

"A Pilgrims Journey" by Fr Brian Coogan recounts his remarkable 99-year life from his birth in 1924, his calling to the priesthood, missionary work in Borneo, teaching, Charismatic Renewal, retirement in the Isle of Wight and his thoughts on a new Bible-based spirituality ",,,always holding as his priority the Lord's call that he should go out and proclaim the Good News of the Gospel." (From the preface by Bishop Crispian Hollis.)