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Most newcomers to our ADoRE Online meetings contact us because of personal recommendation. We give thanks to God that we are reaching so many people with His message of renewal in the Holy Spirit through our Zoom broadcasts, through this website, FaceBook and YouTube. Please spread the word about our online mini-retreats for spiritual renewal,  and encourage people to join in. And tell them about the wealth of resources available here on the website. God bless you.


After Adoration of the Lord in the Holy Eucharist we had a time of sharing some words and pictures we believe the Lord was giving us.

Many people had similar messages from the Lord, reminding us that he is our light, our truth, our peace, our strength, our comfort; and He gives us the grace to share this message with others.

Full text of May prophetic sharing HERE Prophetic Images HERE

Earlier prophecies, and an explanation of the gift of prophecy, can be found HERE

We have a growing community of ADoRErs who enthusiastically tell us what they feel about the meetings. For example:"I find it all helpful and inspiring. It’s wonderful to be immersed in God; praising and adoring Him with holy Mass, encouragements from the prophecies, talk and testimony." LATEST COMMENTS HERE

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22 JUNE 2024 ON ZOOM

"TRANSFORMED INTO HIS IMAGE - with ever increasing glory."

Guest speaker Fr Chris Thomas, founder and leader of the Irenaeus Project in Liverpool, 10.00 to 1.00 on Zoom

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"TEMPLES OF THE HOLY SPIRIT" - surrendering to God's will. Guest speaker Gary Stephens, Chair of the well-known New Dawn annual conference in Walsingham.
Click on the picture to watch the talk.

Also Mass video HERE and Praise & Worship Video HERE

Testimonies of thanks for the meeting HERE


"HEAVEN ON EARTH - Our Father's Will for Us" consists of the text of eleven talks on the Lord's Prayer given at "ADoRE" meetings in 2022.

It is ideal reading for responding to Pope Francis's invitation to make 2024 the Year of the Our Father.

The authors are all involved with Catholic Charismatic Renewal and are all engaged in leadership roles in the Catholic Church.

More information and order link HERE



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You may remember Mary gave our February talk on "I have chosen You - trusting in God's promises." She mentioned that it was a very appropriate title, as she was at the time trusting God to show her what He was choosing her for next.

We promised to pray for her, and she now writes to tell us: "Three days after being with you at the Day of Renewal, I received an offer for a job working with Benedictine schools on Lectio Divina and formation. The role is a newly created one and it seems as though it has been made for me! I start in September. It is part-time and so I was praying about the rest of the week when, a week after the other offer, I heard from Jenny Baker [the leader of CELEBRATE, who saw Mary's talk and asked to be put in touch]. I started working for CELEBRATE a few weeks ago. The Lord is so good and always fulfils His promises! Thank you for your prayers and for inviting me to the Day of Renewal."  ALLELUIA!