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Every Christian is called to evangelise, but we should not be discouraged by the fact that none of us is equal to the task. We all need the Holy Spirit - He will equip us to play our part.

The ADoRE programme is designed to inspire and equip us to be joyful and effective witnesses, bringing to the world the Good News that God loves them and wants to help them.

1. You can play your part first of all by publicising the ADoRE 2024 programme and monthly talks in your Parish or Community (with the permission of your Parish Priest).

2. From the buttons below, you can download and forward to your Priest or Parish Secretary the monthly Parish letter, A4 colour poster for the month and year and a 4-page A5 leaflet that can be downloaded and printed off for distribution.

3. Make use of videos on our YouTube channel to educate and inspire people about renewal in the Holy Spirit.

4. There is the ADoRE book on the Our Father that you could promote, to raise awareness of renewal in the Holy Spirit. LINK

5. You could encourage regular Eucharistic Adoration in your Parish: offer to put together a rota of Eucharistic Ministers to supervise Adoration sessions. ADORATION LINK

6. Encourage Prayer Groups to pray for the gifts of the Holy Spirit and for evangelisation. Form a prayer group if there isn't one already. PRAYER GROUP LINK

7. Run a Life in the Spirit seminar course, using ADoRE resources - more information HERE

8. Offer to form an Evangelisation Team in your Parish and inform yourselves by following the links in the RESOURCES panel on this page.


A prophecy given at ADoRE in November 2018 indicated that, as the world gets darker, the Lord is preparing his people to bring many souls to him. But He is calling us to PREPARE:

P = Pray, pray as if your life depended on it
R = Repent and Reconciliation
E = Enter...
P = ...(His) Presence
A = Adore & Worship
R = Reach out
E = Evangelise

Read full prophecy HERE


"In virtue of their baptism, all the members of the People of God have become missionary disciples (cf. Mt 28:19)…. The new evangelization calls for personal involvement on the part of each of the baptized. Every Christian is challenged, here and now, to be actively engaged in evangelization…." (Pope Francis - The joy of the Gospel #120)

When developing a new vision for ADoRE in 2022, we discerned that we should focus on encouraging participants to grow their personal relationship with the Lord,  so that they can use the charisms of the Holy Spirit as missionary disciples, to build joy in the Church and help to reap the harvest of souls that the Lord will make possible.

A key part of the ADoRE mission is to show how to proclaim the good news and spread the FIRE of the Holy Spirit (FAITH IGNITED RENEWED EVANGELISED.)

We encourage everyone to receive a new infilling of the Holy Spirit, to ignite their faith, to inspire and empower them to share the Good News of God’s love with those around them.

RESOURCES (See also "LINKS" button at foot of page)

In this panel we are giving links to resources which will enable you and your Parish to develop your own evangelising skills and programmes.

Our theme for 2023 was "PROCLAIM THE GOOD NEWS" - revisit the programme HERE

Our theme for 2018 was "GOOD NEWS FOR EVERYONE" - Renewal and Mission. LINK HERE

Our theme for 2021 was "ALIVE IN THE SPIRIT" and the videos of  talks and worship are ideal resources for running your own Life in the Spirit Seminars. LINK HERE

Highlights from "SHARING THE CHURCH'S STORY" Conference, February 2023, with Cardinal Nicholls, Bishop Barron and others. YOUTUBE LINK

How can we encourage revival in our Parishes? CATHOLIC RESPONSE TO THE ASBURY REVIVAL. YOUTUBE LINK

Discern your gifting through the "Called and Gifted" programme. WEBSITE LINK

"FORMING INTENTIONAL DISCIPLES" book by Called and Gifted leader Sherry Weddell BOOKSHOP LINK

SHERRY WEDDELL INTERVIEW with Ralph Martin about Forming Intentional Disciples YOUTUBE LINK

EVERYDAY EVANGELISING for everyday Catholics - a free practical guide from the Catholic Bishops Conference. DOWNLOAD DOCUMENT


"Divine Renovation" - from maintenance to mission by Fr James Mallon. ONLINE BOOKSHOP LINK

Divine Renovation Network WEBSITE LINK

Divine Renovation Free Guide to unlocking your Parish. WEBSITE LINK

"Don't forget the HOLY SPIRIT" - by Fr Matt Anscombe. How to be open to a fresh outpouring and further release of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. WEBSITE