ADoRE Online

8. If you can't see your picture on the screen, check at the bottom left* of the screen and if there is a line through the video camera icon, click on it to open video.

9. If you hover your cursor at the top right* of the screen there is a broken square icon, Click on this to maximise the screen view.

10. Also at the top right is the word "VIEW" (or another icon*) which gives you the option to see all the participants (gallery view) or just the person who is speaking (speaker view).

11. There may be times in the meeting when you are invited to "raise your hand" to indicate you wish to speak. On a PC or smartphone, click on "Reactions" then "Raise hand." On a tablet, tap on ...More, then "Raise Hand."

Please note: participants' permission to use share screen, and record facilities on zoom has been blocked. It is illegal for you to take photos of participants from your screen and publish them in any way.

Chat function will be disabled most of the meeting, but will be allowed for part of the time. You will only be allowed to send messages to everyone or the host.

*These locations may vary on different computers. On touch-screen devices like phones and tablets, you need to tap the screen for the icons to appear. Useful tablet tips HERE

Troubleshooting: If you have persistent trouble logging in to meetings, uninstalling and reinstalling the Zoom client app might help. Follow the steps on THIS PAGE

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1. If you are not yet using Zoom, download the latest version of the Zoom App. to your computer or mobile device. You can download it HERE

2. Please register for the meeting in advance EACH MONTH on the PROGRAMME page and we will send you by return the link to the the meeting. We will also send it again the day before the meeting as a reminder. N.B. Once you have registered, please do not forward the joining link for the meeting to other people, as they have to register with their own details in advance. (Otherwise they will appear in the meeting under your name, which is confusing!)

3. Familiarise yourself with how zoom works by looking at instructions and tutorials on using zoom on a computer, phone or tablet  HERE

4. Please do not leave it till the day of the meeting to register. If you have problems with registration on the day, we will not be able to help you.


5. At around 9.50 on the day, click on the link in the confirmation email you will have received. This should take you straight in to the Zoom meeting. You will not need a passcode. Please note you will not be able to join the meeting by going into your Zoom app first.

6. If you are asked to enable video/webcam and audio, click on yes or accept. Your microphone should be automatically muted. Please do not unmute unless you are asked to.

7. Once you're in the meeting, if you can't hear anyone, check that your audio volume is turned up.

ADoRE meetings are now mostly online via Zoom. Live meetings will also be partly live-streamed on Zoom.
To find out more details about the current month programme or this year's programme, use the buttons at the bottom of this page. Follow the instructions in the panel below to find out how to use Zoom in the meeting.