Damian Stayne and Cor et Lumen Christi Community are holding teaching, praise and prayer sessions on YouTube. Link HERE

Online Fire and Light Miracle Healing Service with Damian Stayne at Cor et Lumen Christi Community. With praise, worship, prophetic ministry and prayer for physical healing.. Livestream on YouTube channel

Online Life in the Spirit Seminars with Fr Pat Collins - zoom webinars over 9 weeks starting 4th October. For details and registration click HERE


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Catholic Charismatic Renewal UK Website

Official CCR UK website with articles about Renewal, and you can sign up to get a regular e-news letter.

Charismatic Renewal Alternative Website

With loads of information, articles and links on renewal plus details of local prayer groups around the country.

CHARIS Catholic Charismatic Renewal International Service

Approved by the Holy See. Coordinates information and communication to serve the worldwide Catholic Renewal.

To receive regular e-news about renewal worldwise please email

Celebrate Conferences Family conferences for Catholics of all ages. Faith-filled and fun events combining good Christian teaching, inspirational speakers and celebration of the liturgy.

Catholic Bible School

Helping people to encounter Jesus in the Scriptures  and   to  be able to apply the words of The Book to their everyday lives.  We provide workshops, retreats, teaching and training, speakers, prayer experiences etc. We run regular healing services.

What does the Catholic Church think about charismatic renewal?

Short video by Michelle Moran, Former President of International Catholic Charismatic Renewal.

Is the Pope a charismatic?

Article from Christianity Today magazine reviewing Pope Francis' support for renewal.

Charisms of the Holy SpiritWhat are they and why do we need them? Article by Dr Mary Healy

Little Way Healing Ministries
The Little Way of Healing is a Holy Spirit led approach to the healing of memories. The founders are Pauline Edwards and Fr Laurence Brassill who help Parishes establish their own healing ministries. 


Cor et Lumen Christi Community. Training courses and conferences for renewal in the power of the Holy Spirit and developing charismatic ministry.

art4prayerA Christian website honouring God through paintings, prayers and reflections.

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The Triangle is a Christian bookshop in Farnborough Hampshire. Our aim is to be a Christian witness in the local community, and to provide resources to churches, schools and individuals. In addition to our store we have an online shop where books and gifts can be purchased..


Goodnews Books, founded by Gerard and Toni Pomfret, well-known at Catholic conferences, is a family mail order company serving Renewal in the Church. We have been distributing books and Christian music since 1996 and we also provide bookshops for, Retreats and Days of Renewal..


Ros Powell's Armchair Church ‘Prophetic Prayer Meeting’ where we join in ‘spiritually’ with one another to praise, worship and pray prayers of intercession, pray in tongues (using the gifts of the Holy Spirit) read the word and have a time of silence to listen to what the Lord is saying. 


Ministry of

Geoff and Gina Poulter.


The Faith Companion is a two-monthly magazine aimed at accompanying Catholic parishioners on their faith journey. If you have ever been inspired during Mass but were unsure how that translates into daily life, then The Faith Companion can help.


Highly recommended book

An exciting lifetime journey into the heart of God. It's a safari because Jenny takes examples from her childhood in Kenya and cleverly links them to the different stages of her journey. A roller-coaster ride of challenges and disappointments counterbalanced with amazing answers to prayer as she deepens her personal relationship with God and learns to trust in His amazing love. It's a very inspiring read.

Available in paperback and Kindle on Amazon HERE