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Bishop Philip at 40th anniversary celebrations Medstead March 2015
Very early days

Some pictures from our 48 years.

If you have any others please let us know
Early days at Alton Convent
Charles Whitehead Medstead February 2016

John & Sr Helen ...                          Jan 2017 - Back at Alton

Pat Stamp

Shared lunch in refectory 2017                                    Mass with Fr Anthony in the Chapel 2017

Praise and worship  November 2017                                                                                   Kristina Cooper                      Charles Whitehead

July 2018 with Canon Jeremy Garratt

Elise Hobbs and Deacon John Edwards.                     Madeleine Fowler

Ron Nicholls
Elise Hobbs and Charles Ashby
Deacon John Foley
Al fresco fellowship
Sr. Marie Anne's leaving presentation. June 2019
Alastair Emblem and Sr. Marie Anne
Fr Nicholas Broadbridge RIP
Fr Aidan Murray 90th Oct 2019
May 2020 we go on Zoom
May 2022 Live again in Basingstoke      Elise Hobbs RIP 2023
2021 Fr Anthony Meredith - Chaplain
2022 Fr Brian Coogan 70 years Priest