Charisms of the Spirit

Our theme for 2017 was "CHARISMS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT" - The power tools for building up God's church

2017 was the 50th anniversary of Catholic Charismatic Renewal, and our programme took a close look at each of the charisms, guided by respected Catholic speakers, asking the Holy Spirit to “fan into a flame the gift of God” which is in us.

On this page we are giving links to resources which will enable you and your Parish to develop your understanding and use of the charisms of the Holy Spirit.


Article by Cardinal Raniero Cantalamessa HERE


Brief description HERE

(article by Marcellino D'Ambrosio) HERE


Article by Dr Mary Healy HERE

Frequently asked questions about charismsIncluding: what is the difference between the traditional "gifts of the Holy Spirit" and charisms?

How do charisms differ from natural talents? and Why should I discern my charisms?

Pope Francis reflects on the charisms

Praying in Tongues

Article by Fr Andy Richardson

Faith and Miracles Testimony

Gift of Prophecy

Gift of Healing

The Catholic ministry of Deliverance

(Article by Fr Rufus Pereira)



Recorded at the 2017 Days of Renewal

Charisms - God's power tools by Charles

Whitehead. Introduction to 2017 programme

and overview of the Church’s need for the

Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

The Gift of Wisdom - by Peter Hobbs

The main gift of the ministry of the apostles.

Gives access to the secrets of God.

The Gift of Prophecy - by Geoff and Gina

Poulter. With examples and guidelines to

help us develop prophetic ministry to

people for their strengthening, encouraging

and comfort.

Gift of Tongues  - by Alastair Emblem. An explanation of this sometimes baffling gift,

and its purpose for enriching our spiritual

lives and building up the Church.

The Gift of Knowledge - by Deacon John

Edwards. The spiritual gift which enables us

to "build up, stir up and cheer up" by

speaking God's word into people's lives

Gifts of Healings - by Pauline Edwards and

Fr Laurence Brassill O.S.A. Healing enables

all of us to show people that Jesus is alive

and that God loves them

The Gift of Miracles - by Fr Nichiolas

Broadbridge and Deacon John Foley.

Miracles are happening all around.

With testimonies from attendees who

have experienced miracles.

Gifts of Prophecy and Tongues by David

Matthews. Encouraging everyone

to build up our own faith and help others

through the effective use of these gifts

The Gift of Faith by Fr Anthony Meredith.

How we can grow in the exercising of daily

faith and trust in the guidance of the

Holy Spirit.

The greatest gift is love by Kristina Cooper.

The charisms of the Holy Spirit are vital, but

must be exercised in a spirit of love and

service. (Recording is in two halves)

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