The team

Alastair Emblem

Core Group Leader since early 2018 and Worship Leader at ADoRE meetings since 2014. His home Parish is St Joan of Arc, Farnham, where he is on the Parish co-ordination team and leads the charismatic prayer group. Has been involved with renewal since 1983 and with ADoRE since 2007. He is author of "Pray as you can't - step by step into a more fruitful prayer life." BOOK INFO.    BIOGRAPHY.

The Core Group

We meet monthly to pray for ADoRE, to organise the day, and to plan for future programmes. If you have any questions about anything that happens at the ADoRE meetings, or about charismatic renewal in general, do ask one of us.


Mike Davidson

Mike started coming to ADoRE in the very early years. He worships in Basingstoke and is a very active member of The Sion Community  helping them with Parish Mission visiting. Mike has a powerful prophetic ministry and blesses us with many encouraging words from the Lord.

Elise Hobbs RIP

We give thanks to God for the life of Elise, who went to glory on 17th January 2023. Elise was a key member of the Core Group since the early 1980's, when her late husband Richard was right hand man to ADoRE founder Ron Nicholls. She was a devoted mother to six sons and grandmother to 25 grandchildren. She was a powerhouse of prayer, attending Mass daily when possible, praying the Rosary daily and was a key member of several prayer groups, as well as a vital contributor to every aspect of Alton Day of Renewal. The Core Group and countless other people have benefited from her wise counsel and prayers over the years and she will be greatly missed as a friend and colleague. 

You can view her funeral service on YouTube following this link: Unfortunately, the recording misses the two eulogies at the end, but you can read the tribute from her son Francis HERE and her grand-daughter Alice HERE

Please let us know if you wish us to include a tribute below to Elise, by emailing HERE

Fr Anthony Meredith

Fr. Anthony, our Chaplain and Spiritual Director, was the Vicar General of the Rosminians (the Institute of Charity) for 18 years. He is currently based in Rome and is on the leadership team involved with formation of new members. Fr Anthony has been involved with charismatic renewal since the 1970s.

Judith Aylmer

Judith has been involved with ADoRE since the late eighties and was a member of the Core group in the nineties, joining once again in 2018. She co-ordinates ADoRE's Intercessory Prayer Support Team and is the principal Zoom Co-host..

Dymphna Wilson

Dymphna was a teacher at Alton Convent for many years.

She has been going to St Lucy's Medstead for over 50 years, is a Eucharistic Minister and reader and visits elderly people in nursing homes She has been on the Core team since 2017.

Roy Singh

He has attended ADoRE since 2017, been on the Core team since 2018 and is now deputy leader. In his home parish of St Michaels Tadley and St Oswalds Burghfield he is a Diocesan Catechist, supporting Confirmation classes since 2009, and active in many other ways. He is also a Knight of St Columba.

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Jenny Osterfield

Jenny leads ADoRE's Healing Ministry. She served on the healing team and ran the Book Ministry for ADORE in 80/90’s. Led Parish confirmation programmes and a charismatic prayer group with husband Giles. Under Bishop Hollis she served Portsmouth Diocese as Representative for Women. Has spent many years supporting the dying and bereaved, also training Church teams including Hospice Chaplaincy & Catholic Deacons. Author of "A Safari into God's Love" INFORMATION Jenny also leads "Wayfinder", a weekly charismatic prayer group on Zoom. LINK

Giles Osterfield

Giles was involved with ADORE in 80’/90’s running the Children’s Ministry in support of families. He was a Eucharistic Minister in his parish and led the prayer group with his wife, Jenny. He also formed a parish youth music group with others. He currently worships at St. Joan’s, Farnham and, with Jenny, runs the Wayfinder Zoom prayer group.

Jose Garmendia

Jose and his wife Maria have been involved with ADoRE since 2007. They were members of the Core group for 5 years, joining again in 2019. They were Associate Members of Sion Community for 9 years. José was a volunteer member of the Frimley Park Hospital chaplaincy team 2012-20 and lay R.C chaplain of Farnham Community Hospital 2010-20.

Maria Garmendia

In addition to joint responsibilities with Jose mentioned above, Maria helped him as volunteer at Frimley Park since 2019, where they both served on the team distributing the Eucharist to the Catholic in-patients of the hospital. She is also ADoRE's Financial Officer.

Other Groups

We also receive valuable help from an increasing number of  other groups and individuals: The Friends of ADoRE Intercessory Prayer Group; The Prayer Ministry Team; Zoom Co-hosts; Breakout Group Facilitators; Priests who celebrate Mass for us; Guest Speakers; Worship Leaders.



A number of ADoRE participants have signed up for a special WhatsApp group to exchange news, views and prayer requests. If you would like to join please follow the link HERE

Please let us know if you would like to help us in any way, and share your gifting with us for the benefit of our growing community.


Angela Jordan

Angela Jordan has been a member of Worth Abbey Lay Community since 1976. Baptised in the Spirit in 1977, she learnt a lot from Fr Ciaran McDonnell (RIP). From 1981, she wandered in the desert Charismatically (apart from New Dawn), until covid brought Adore and Cor et Lumen Christi online. Nevertheless, there have been some extraordinary adventures with Jesus!


"We first met at the Southampton Conference and, although not in touch in between, we always managed to spend quality time together at the various charismatic events throughout the years. I found Elise to be a real gift; she was always so supportive. Nothing was too much trouble for her. She was generous with her time and was infectiously enthusiastic about many things, particularly the Holy Spirit! I always felt that she wanted the best for everyone. Our husbands knew one another and died in the same year. Both deaths were unexpected and we were able to share together and draw comfort from each other. Elise, may you rest in peace and rise in glory." Pauline Edwards.

"Elise held Mothers' Prayers every Tuesday for years in her home. This day was very close to her heart as were the 5 mothers who attended every week". DW

“I feel sure I am just one of many strangers that Elise gave time to in a way that, albeit brief, made us feel cared for and loved - an encounter with a truly special soul which I will always remember with gratitude.” Joanna R