Our theme for 2018 was "GOOD NEWS FOR EVERYONE" - Renewal and Mission.

Although every Christian is called to evangelise, none of us is equal to the task. We all need the Holy Spirit - He will equip us to play our part. The programme was designed to inspire and equip us to be joyful and effective witnesses, bringing the Good News to the world.

On this page we are giving links to resources which will enable you and your Parish to develop your own evangelising skills and programmes.

Catherine of Siena Institute WEBSITE LINK

“Forming Intentional Disciples” by Sherry Weddell ONLINE BOOKSHOP LINK

Sherry Weddell interview with Ralph Martin YOUTUBE LINK

"Proclaim 15" A project of the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales, to provide resources and events to profile and develop new expressions of Catholic joy and missionary outreach. WEBSITE LINK

Sharing Testimonies - Fiona Mansford WEBSITE LINKEveryday evangelising for everyday Catholics - a practical guide. DOWNLOAD DOCUMENT

Resource for giving your testimony DOWNLOAD DOCUMENTYour Testimony template. DOWNLOAD DOCUMENT

"Divine Renovation" - from maintenance to mission by Fr James Mallon. ONLINE BOOKSHOP LINKDivine Renovation Network WEBSITE LINKDivine Renovation UK Conference Feb 2019 WEBSITE LINK

"Kindness" by Fr Faber available as a Kindle book LINK TO AMAZON"This promise is for you" - David Parry OSB ONLINE BOOKSHOP LINK"In Sinu Jesu" by a Benedictine Monk LINK TO AMAZON

The Lord is calling us to PREPARE. A prophecy given at ADoRE in November 2018 indicates that the Lord is preparing his people - the new wine of his Spirit - to bring many souls to him. But He is calling us to PREPARE:

P = Pray, pray as if your life depended on it
R = Repent and Reconciliation
E = Enter
P = (His) Presence
A = Adore & Worship
R = Reach out
E = Evangelise

Read full prophecy HERE



Recorded at the 2018 Days of Renewal

The Good News of Jesus Christ: the

message of Mission - by Charles Whitehead.

What is the Good News? Have we been

evangelized, or just catechized?

The Spirit has anointed me: empowered for

mission - by Fr Anthony Meredith. How does

the Holy Spirit inspire and equip us to

proclaim the Good News?

Living Kingdom Values: mission and witness

- by Gemma Wildsmith How can our everyday

lives be transformed into opportunities for


Setting the downtrodden free: mission and

justice - by Peter Hobbs. Taking the Good

News to victims of modern day slavery.

Proclaiming the Lord's favour: mission and

forgiveness - by Fr Simon Penhalagan. How

does the Good News set us free from

condemnation and unforgiveness?

Good news for the poor: mission and

outreach - by Rev Andrew Micklefield. How

can Christians work together to bring the

good news to the needy?

Good news and Gospel: mission and

Scripture - by Mgr. Jeremy Garratt. What

does the Bible tell us about why and how

we should spread the Good News?

The Church exists to evangelise: the

meaning of mission - by Fr Mark Hogan.

What does the Church teach about the

importance of the laity in its mission?

New sight for the blind: mission and healing

by Pauline Edwards and Fr Laurence Brassill.

Taking the Good News to the spiritually blind

and those in need of healing.

The Spirit has sent me: mission and method

- by Fr John Seddon. Discerning how and

where we are to respond to the call to


Liberty for captives: mission and deliverance

- by David Matthews. Taking the Good News

 to the spiritually oppressed.


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