Pray as you can't

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The author takes us on his own life-long journey of discovering different ways of developing his prayer life. He explains how the well-known advice to "pray as you can" is generally misunderstood and he encourages us to move, step by step, outside our comfort zone, trying different prayer styles. Underpinning all of this is the assurance that prayer is not so much about what we can do, but about what God can do in us and through us - if we let His Holy Spirit help us.

Includes the following important topics:

  • Discovering different types of prayer.
  • The importance of prayer and faith being rooted in love, not fear.
  • Why and how prayer should come from the heart. 
  • Spirituality and getting to know the Holy Spirit
  • Discovering praise, healing and prophecy.
  • Insights into Christian and Catholic teaching.
  • Relevant quotations from the Bible and the Catholic Catechism.
  • Helpful prayer suggestions at the end of each chapter.
  • An appendix of testimonies of answered prayers.


Alastair Emblem has led a Parish Prayer Group for thirty years as well as being actively involved in many areas of voluntary ministry in the Catholic Church. He is also host and worship leader for "ADoRE" a monthly online mini-retreat morning of spiritual renewal which attracts hundreds of followers from all over the UK and abroad.

Available from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle formats.

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"Couldn't put it down! Easy to read, challenging, and stimulating. It really is excellent and covers everything we need to know to help us with our prayer life. Your book will be a great resource to help Catholics in particular understand how to pray - thank you!!" - Charles Whitehead KSG, former Chairman of International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services.

"This is a very comprehensive resource book on prayer. The author must be congratulated for the way in which he has tackled this huge subject and made it an easy read. I particularly appreciated the humble way he has shared his own experiences of prayer. This is a useful book to dip into for those times when prayer feels stagnant, or the distractions of life are crowding in. I am sure there is something for everyone who wants to improve their prayer life. The suggestions after each chapter are especially helpful. Personally, I found the chapters on Worship and Praise particularly interesting. I also found it affirming to read the occasions when his own struggles in prayer have mirrored my own." - JO

"This is a beautiful and practical book. It keeps the promise, made on the cover, to provide step by step encouragement to establishing a more fruitful prayer life. When I finished the book I returned to the beginning and read it more slowly a second time. I am certain that I will dip into it again in future. The author gives an account of his own faith journey from traditional Catholicism to an enriched faith and closer relationship with Jesus. He deals respectfully with traditional catholic worship and charts his development of more charismatic ways of prayer. The book is sincere, deeply personal, well researched, clearly written and well organized. It would be a good resource for anyone leading or attending a prayer group or for anyone wishing to deepen their prayer life. The practical sessions at the end of each chapter are particularly useful. Thoroughly recommended." PR

"Thank you a million times.... So much of your book mirrored my own experiences. It is so easy to read,....Reading it has been such a joy... There have been times of quite deep prayer and others of laughing out loud. Not that these need be opposites of course. Our God is a happy and joyous spirit." EB

"Very deep, spiritual and prayerful... I have bought more copies and given them to friends whom I know appreciate it." NT